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Probiotic Health: More than a Gut Feeling

The market for digestive aids is growing. However, most aids suffer from a centuries-old problem. Probiotics, found in capsules and foods like milk and yogurt, are not well regulated. This mean consumers may get far more or less than they need. While these products stand the chance of being beneficial, an overabundance of probiotics can lead to adverse effects. These include diarrhea, weakened immune response, lowered metabolism, and bacterial or fungal infections. Overdose may even lead to heart infection or sepsis.

Customers looking for great digestive health need a safe product, one that that is precisely studied, controlled, and measured. Recent studies have discovered digestive health is not just about probiotics. It is about the balance between good and harmful bacteria in the intestines. It is about enzymes that attack, digest, and neprinol dissolve candida, the most pernicious of internal yeast infections. It is about reducing all pernicious fungi and bacteria. The best supplement should also contain soluble fibers that pass unharmed through the stomach, allowing beneficial colonies to spread through the digestive tract, from the upper duodenum to the termination of the colon.

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These supplements are not just useful when a person has irregular bowel function. They are also beneficial after a cold, flu, food poisoning, dehydration, and any other illnesses in which digestive fluids are rapidly expelled. During severe diarrhea, for example, both bad and good bacteria are expelled from the body. Some good bacteria survives by being diverted to the appendix (if the patient has one). Pushing fluid and electrolytes can re-hydrate a patient, but this procedure does not completely account for the restoration of essential digestive microorganisms.

The body does not just digest food in the stomach and then throw it away. Good bacteria in the small and large intestines continue this process by reabsorbing essential nutrients and breaking down waste until it becomes fecal material. The small and large intestines of an adult are nearly 30 feet long, and digestion and re-absorption occur at every inch. This cannot be accomplished with low populations of good bacteria and enzymes or when bad bacteria and candida are attacking the bowels.

Supplements like Syntol and syntol amd attack candida and bad bacteria on several fronts. First, Syntol maximizes the digestive tract’s natural function by re-balancing the ratio of good and harmful bacteria in the gut. The supplement itself is protected against damage, because its capsule delivery system is resistant to stomach acids. This is why the supplement can be taken orally. Supplements like Syntol have the capacity to get into the bowel, spread, and beat out organisms like candida and harmful bacteria. As a result, those taking such supplements can enjoy a more regular life.

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